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Deltiimo Hypersonic (Feat. Veronica Largiu)


Introducing a revitalizing dance anthem of pristinely crafted synths, keys, vocals, bass and beats, the iconic indie songwriter Gary Louca (Deltiimo) joins forces with Veronica Largiu, for the compelling story and sensational floor-filler Hypersonic.

Intertwining a strong groove with iconic vocals and a quickly recognisable leading riff, Hypersonic effectively achieves a fine balance between the familiar and the fresh – adopting a sense of originality in both sentiment and sound, but also providing the comforting overall style of timeless and faultlessly produced EDM along the way.

From the upcoming studio album How It All Began, Hypersonic was written by Gary Louca and Bradon Grobler, and emerges complete with a set of stunning animated visuals made by Louca and some A.I tools. The song explores the story of an astronaut named Deltiimo, who becomes captivated by a celestial spirit that visited him in his spacecraft. The spirit invites Deltiimo to travel the universe, to which Deltiimo agrees; telling ground control he won’t be returning.

The visuals and vocal journey unite well to create this hypnotic sense of distance, escapism, and the great unknown, and the production backs this up with a supremely euphoric dance arrangement of uplifting synths, dreamy layers, and a relentlessly energising rhythm.

Featuring classic dance vocals at the forefront from the unmistakable singer and artist Veronica Largiu, Hypersonic proves on the one hand a timeless EDM anthem with a twist of recognisable identity, and on the other, a vastly imaginative, inspiring embrace of story and limitless possibilities.

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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