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The Shamans Cave – Sandra Ingerman & Renee Baribeau (PODCAST)


Sandra Ingerman and Renee Baribeau dig deep into Shamanism and spirituality on this conceptually considerate and inspiring Podcast. Leading with clear and good intentions, the two hosts attempt to aid listeners through their own healing process, touching on topics ranging from religion to perspective and self-development, always with an underlying design set to relieve the weight of the world and the current difficulties we’re facing.

A recent episode entitled Abundance talks on, among other things, creation and manifestation, driving with a fine balance between personal experience – honesty, realness – and a clear understanding and grasp of the topics at hand. The conversation quickly takes you down a fascinating series of pathways, all at once allowing you to build a connection with the hosts – thanks to their openness about their journeys and difficulties – and begin to gather a stronger understanding and a broader perspective in terms of what’s possible and the ways in which we can get through various personal struggles.

Certain points that stood out include reference to the universe being unlimited in resources and what we can give – a good example of the sort of mind-opening gem that crops up, provoking a deeper level of thought, and continuing to explore the role of the self within the world – which, in turn, creates a sense of unity or oneness; effectively allowing the listener to feel less alone or less isolated in their journey.

There seems to be a no-holds-barred approach to the discussions presented, and this is what makes it so fascinating and unlike many other podcasts around right now. In particular, this latest episode talks on the differences between generations, the perspectives and biases we hold, and this again has the potential to open your eyes to a more collective and shared view of life and the world around us.

“The basic paradigm we live with in the Western world is “survival of the fittest”. This way of perceiving life limits so much of our creative potential, often leaves us feeling powerless, and caught up in believing in scarcity versus our ability to tap into abundance. There are many spiritual traditions that teach scarcity is a human made concept. This makes us feel limited in our own potential.”

An absorbing and incredibly calming show to listen in on, not purely because of the hosts’ honest and genuine outlooks, but because of the accessible way in which they re-define and explain certain aspects of contemporary life, somehow simplifying complex topics and provoking a more selfless sense of involvement. They remind you of the potential of the individual to help and benefit the lives of those around them; as opposed to purely and continuously striving for personal growth and gain.

Another brilliant episode is one entitled Forgiveness, a discussion that explores in detail the concept of forgiveness and the reasons we struggle to achieve it and to move on from pain or betrayal. Sandra and Renee seem to authentically enjoy and embrace their conversations to the fullest, and this is one of the reasons they make for such consistently interesting and likable hosts. Again, inspiring and insightful content, for people of all backgrounds and ages – absolutely worth the time it takes to let each episode play out.

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