Designed for and dedicated to realigning contemporary faith with the original scriptures and teachings of the Bible, Truth Expositors is a Podcast that delves into the word of God in a passionate search for connection and truth.

A topical and simultaneously spiritual podcast already in its prime, professionally blending the issues facing our society with a backbone of faith and the teachings of the bible, Plenteous Redemption succeeds in being one of a kind right now.

Dedicated to fine-tuning the connection between our faith and the way we conduct our daily lives, Faith Revealed delves into not only this but any and all topics relating to faith and religion.

Andy Konigsmark hosts the unique new podcast that is Stand-Up Sermons, a forum presenting short segments at ten to twenty minutes long, taken from Andy’s own sermons as a minister. Andy’s approach confidently blends story-telling and humor with an inherent faith and knowledge of the bible and the values that a religious life focuses on. … Continued

An absorbing and incredibly calming show to listen in on, not purely because of the hosts’ honest and genuine outlooks, but because of the accessible way in which they re-define and explain certain aspects of contemporary life, somehow simplifying complex topics and provoking a more selfless sense of involvement.