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Zachary Campos Traffic


MC and singer Zachary Campos, known for his unique fusion of rap and punk music, launches another single from the upcoming album Funky MC. This time the artist reflects upon the daily ache of Traffic – an indie anthem inspired by the turmoil of the local road-route to his gigs, and indeed by the escapism offered by music when trapped in the car.

The crisp sound of raw drums and the contrasting weight of distorted guitar and bass guides us into the rise and fall intensity of Traffic. Zachary brings melody here, a catchy tune to back up the distinct sound of that guitar, bass and drums arrangement. The tune is surprisingly hopeful, relaying his story of driving to get to shows, the frustration of the process and the road rage witnessed all around, and everything is over and done with in less than a minute.

This brief yet explosive turn of artistry has become a calling card of the Funky MC project, with the former single Scorching proving equally short in length; at least for mainstream standards. In truth, these are thoughts and feelings poured freely into music, and if they don’t need to extend further than a minute permits, then why should they?

Zachary notes the 1977 James Taylor song Traffic Jam as another source of inspiration, and in the process weaves further creativity into his repertoire and the upcoming album. The singing makes for a welcomed change of direction, but also maintains the canned vocal effect and the fact that all of the songs from this project are clearly connected to and recognisable as Zachary Campos the artist.

Download or stream Traffic. Read our Interview with Zachary Campos & follow him on Instagram.

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