Racking up streams in the tens of thousands and continuing to blend work ethic and identity across a subtly versatile repertoire – California rapper and punk enthusiast Zachary Campos creatively surprises yet again, with the funky flavours of Precision.

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San Jose-born songwriter and artist Zachary Campos returns just weeks after the launch of his last EP Funky MC. This time we’re plunged into a deeply contemplative, self-reflective realm, for the aptly titled and inspiring wonder of Profound Knowledge.


MC and singer Zachary Campos, known for his unique fusion of rap and punk music, launches another single from the upcoming album Funky MC. This time the artist reflects upon the daily ache of Traffic – an indie anthem inspired by the turmoil of the local road-route to his gigs, and indeed by the escapism offered by music when trapped in the car.

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Continuing the contemporary quest to fuse genres with freedom and style, Zachary Campos takes us back to the simplicity of gritty original punk, and effectively intertwines that with an old school rap approach that feels almost like an unedited freestyle.

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