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Zachary Campos Precision


Racking up streams in the tens of thousands and continuing to blend work ethic and identity across a subtly versatile repertoire – California rapper and punk enthusiast Zachary Campos creatively surprises yet again, with the funky flavours of Precision.

Written as an ode to Zachary’s childhood dog Juni, Precision was written the day of his passing, a hearty sixteen years of life to his name, and effectively pays tribute to the connection and unrivaled joy of man’s best friend.

Created to the beat, Campos built the soundtrack first then blended in his old school hip hop vocals and lyrics on the spot to ultimately showcase a subtle fusion of influences from the likes of Julian Casablancas right the way through to Snoop Dog. The completed arrangement features guitar and bass from producer Tim J Abbott, as well as additional design from Kingdom Voice Productions’ Josh Zuckerman. Josh programmed the drums and record scratches of the soundscape, to help build what is ultimately one of Zachary Campos’ most full and joyous sounding instrumentals.

Good vibes and a stream of consciousness meets playful approach on the mic let the funk and fun of Precision connect in a quirky and memorable way. After the depth of his last EP Profound Knowledge, and the post-punk grit and volume of Traffic, this shift towards funk provides further versatility, but also maintains that essential Zachary Campos voice to keep things relevant and recognisable.

“I love the man I turned out to be.”

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