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Zachary Campos Profound Knowledge


San Jose-born songwriter and artist Zachary Campos returns just weeks after the launch of his recent album Funky MC. This time we’re plunged into a deeply contemplative, self-reflective realm, for the aptly titled and inspiring wonder of Profound Knowledge.

Conceived amidst the late-night excitement prior to the launch of Funky MC, Profound Knowledge leads with a contrastingly introspective approach and features conceptual and spiritual lyrics inspired by both The Snowy Day and Sweat the Technique. It’s an impressively soothing musical endeavour, beginning with the heavy guitar distortion of Flow, and progressing through a series of moods from here on in.

Flow opens things up with a simple groove, a rise and fall spoken vocal, poetic and personal – devoted to the freedom of the mind and self-expression; inspiring a sense of possibility and brightness. Zachary appears to freestyle through these ideas, calmly relaying this invigorating sense of excitement that’s keeping him awake and focused and enlightened.

Appropriately we then move into the bass-led tones of Spirituality, another rock or post-punk groove with crisp drums. This time we hear a more all-inclusive, melodic exploration of the very concept of worldly connection and life beyond the here and now. As ever, the sudden vulnerability of singing is well received, and the tune proves a natural earworm.

Bass and drums guide again with clear positivity, as Waves recaptures the sensation that is the joy of escaping from stress and absorbing oneself in the natural flow or rhythm of life. The writing is detail free, vague and vast enough to be relevant to any and all listeners, and this direction, combined with the heavier rock production, makes for a refreshing twist of identity amidst the meditative or spiritual music arena.

For Soul, we enter a slightly darker, almost Grunge-esque, Nirvana-kissed vibe. The spoken back and forth returns, and the lyrics unite questions and uncertainty with defiance and spiritual ambition.

Then to finish, the fitting serenity of Calm blesses the listener with a lasting sense of hypnotic warmth and comfort. The song features minimalist lyrics, a quiet melody, metaphors and personal reflections intertwined. The focus is simple, ‘divine presence’ and this clear understanding of ‘I’m ok’ connecting for their accessible and deeply human freedoms.

“I’m feeling free. I’m proud of me.”

Ultimately, the creative freedom and fearless honesty of this hopeful project is completely unexpected after the literal stores and fun of Funky MC, but it works all the more effectively in light of that. At the same time, the Zachary Campos punk-rap style, the voice, and these brief song lengths, all continues to prove unmistakable. Profound Knowledge is an easy joy to delve into.

Download or stream Profound Knowledge. Find Zachary Campos on Apple, Spotify, Instagram, YouTube, Genius.

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