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The Haunted North Phoenix


Prog-rock creatives The Haunted North have taken their one-of-a-kind sound to explosive new levels with the finely-crafted and faultlessly performed single Phoenix.

Presenting a genre-fusing yet heavy classic, the conceptually intriguing, poetically detailed and musically supreme release marks a bold step outwards into arena-style alt-rock and further secures the band’s role within the new music scene.

Ever the artistic act, The Haunted North pour no less than everything into this addictively rhythmic and passionately delivered story and song. From the intricate, ambient beginning, through a distorted blues-led soundscape and gritty, raspy, expressive vocals at their peak emotionally and energetically, Phoenix shines light on the natural talent and depth of the band in an unforgettable way.

Quite easily their most compelling and immersive track to date, somewhat minimalist in layers but making full use of each sound and moment for immense impact regardless, Phoenix offers powerfully insane solos and harsh, havoc-imparting lyrics that follow a brilliantly catchy melodic anthem of a tune.

Featuring impeccable vocals from the band’s unmistakable front-man Randy, Phoenix gifts the world a mighty new dose of theatrics and hypnotic musicianship alike. With gigs opening up once again across the globe, The Haunted North are apt to promise an unmissable stage show in the coming months.

Made up of vocalist Randy V, drummer Andrew Aubut, Bassist Marty Rubn and lead guitarist Sean Francis, the US / Canadian four-piece makes light work of raising the roof with original music.

As a follow up to the singles 21 Grams and Medusa, Phoenix makes for the perfect hit of sheer rock escapism – elevating the band’s sound, extending their reach, and enveloping their growing audience with precisely the right fusion of passion, energy, and skill.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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