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The Haunted North MEDUSA


Always a band worth stopping for – The Haunted North launch perhaps their most striking, creatively hard-hitting single yet, and it proves to be a mighty anthem of a modern rock hit.

Pouring through with a tribal rhythm that soon progresses into the full-throttle live-drum sound of hard-rock, MEDUSA goes on to bring in sublime musicianship from all involved. The track also welcomes through the unmistakable roar of a rock vocal that tips its hat to the progressive legends of yesteryear; whilst making sure to inject more than a few modern traits of identity.

Featuring some well-placed and enjoyably mellow, reflective solos to break up the lyrics, the song tells a story that intrigues from the offset. The infamous title alone draws you in, and the verse details, the personal touch, the melody, all further that engagement and interest right the way through.

As always, The Haunted North make fine use of contrast, pairing power-chords and the heavy crash of the drums with a chorus of vocals that passionately call out, and elsewhere pairing gentler moments of reflective, poetic thought, for the ultimate juxtaposition.

The latter half brings back those tribal drums from the intro, a tumbling middle-eight with aptly haunting, cinematic vocal calls and a beautifully hypnotic aura in general. The intensity rises just subtly, slowly but surely enveloping listeners in this new chapter of the story.

The band make fine use of their musical abilities and passionate unity as a group, clearly dedicated whole-heartedly to the progression and expression of the song.

The entire six-minute arrangement begs for you to witness it in a live setting. Defiantly one to watch out for. Listen loud.

MEDUSA – Out October 10th – Download or stream it here. Visit The Haunted North’s Website for more information. Find & follow the band on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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