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Steven Anthony Heart Turns Blue (Prod. Xenshel)


Capturing the essence of genre-free creativity that is sweeping the current music scene, Steven Anthony releases an eclectic and heartfelt collection of original songs, fusing contemporary emo tendencies with acoustic and melodic strengths that naturally connect.

Heart Turns Blue is all of this, increasingly passionate and hypnotic in its somewhat raw yet authentic state. Almost exclusively vocal, the rising energy and layers of the arrangement manage to feel both ambient or trip hop-like, and a-Capella-esque in how unedited the sound appears.

Other recent singles help further underline this approach, The Catch making for a fine example – a rising folk-rock and atmospheric presence, with distantly-mixed, reverb-soaked vocals instantly soothing the soul; whilst reflecting on heartbreaking feelings and ideas.

The style is familiar now, but the melody and darkness here present a whole new journey. The intensity rises, before falling back down into stillness, for the lingering resolve of ‘I would die for you…’.

Lifting the veil of effects is the lighter and soulful pop single Two-Way Mirror. Suddenly the voice has clarity, character – the guitar work and delivery feeling like an intimate live show. A definite highlight from a growing collection of songs.

Returning to the depths of ambient production, Hourglass shifts gears towards another drawn-out display of longing and enchanting, haunting tones and observations.

Then in stark contrast, the heavy fuzz and indie alternative overtone of Dead me redirects us towards arena-style vastness – though still with that same Steven Anthony integrity of topic and fearlessly honest outpourings. The production intensifies subtly throughout, ultimately becoming its own quiet yet chaotic genre.

For one last hit of versatility, consider the retro-gamer tones and faster pace of More Than Enough. Steven Anthony remains impossible to pigeon-hole, with this mildly theatrical performance feeling more like a Willow Smith track than anything prior. Vocal dynamic and colourful sound-design helps introduce a whole new side to the artist – a creative freedom that will no doubt keep things interesting across the coming months and years.

Find Heart Blue on all platforms from May 11th. Check out Steven Anthony on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook & the Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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