Stan Sitwell - Amor Nostálgico (Feat. DAP & BONESY) - Stereo Stickman

Stan Sitwell Amor Nostálgico (Feat. DAP & BONESY)


Dreamy musicianship and equally delicate, expressive vocals guide us softly into the embrace of a melodic and emotive Amor Nostálgico, from Stan Sitwell.

Immediately inviting for the raw and soulful, crisp sound of the electric guitar, almost freestyle in its flickers of detail, the song goes on to weave in a contemporary lo-fi rhythm, a nearly whispered vocal, and a subtly increasing degree of passion.

At just two minutes five seconds in length, Amor Nostálgico works its magic impressively – the melody is naturally memorable, not intrusive but genuine; even with the language barrier, the intimacy and undertones are clear from the mood and delivery.

An easy favourite from Stan Sitwell so far, the time the song takes to warm up works all the more in favour of its artistic aura. The short timeframe is overcome by the length of the progression and emotion throughout.

Featuring the additional talents of DAP and BONESY, the single maintains a minimal presence yet skilful artistic heart nonetheless.

Leading with a kind of emo-rap, modern air of production, yet skilfully weaving in a world-music edge with the lyrical language and the guitar work, even the melodic structure, Amor Nostálgico sets the mood and offers the calming embrace of escapism designed by a clear professional in his field.

Download the single Amor Nostálgico here or via Apple. Check out Stan Sitwell on Twitter.

Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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