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DAP When We Were Young (Feat. Bonesy & Sally)


Vintage escapism with contemporary stylings – this collaborative release sets the mood and calms the soul as its jazz-kissed, hypnotic intricacies slowly pour through.

Blending subtle lo-fi rhythms with distant layers of horn and the retro crackle of production, When We Were Young brings in long-form RnB vocals and flickers of gospel warmth for further soul and unity amidst the outer layers.

The resulting track effectively crosses genres, offering the soothing embrace of quiet, mellow escapism, whilst connecting for its emotive look back at a simpler time.

Uniquely crafted, a little home-made but relevantly artistic in being so, DAP’s When We Were Young makes for an unexpectedly addictive and genuine take on sound-design and expressive writing.

The vocals are faultless, softly mesmerising as they meander through the various stages of the song. Meanwhile, the overall vibe continues to reach out, prompting the mind to wander; washing away the weight of the outside world.

Really nicely crafted, original yet inspired by the greats of various corners, and easy to lose yourself within.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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