Justin Don is a creative who has crafted a uniquely ambient playlist for music fans, bringing together elements of hip hop & dreamlike electronica alike, paving the way for a calming experience that’s as fit for escapism as it is those moments where we desire a little understanding or some humanity.

Alt PopHip-HopRnB

SNY throws out a party anthem for the hip hop world with this latest single. He shows no signs of slowing down & his music seeks to push for the same sort of belief within the listener. 


You can hear and indeed feel that each track has been crafted with purpose and care. Every moment is crisp and clear-cut so as to follow the mood of the conceptual journey, and meanwhile Asadi pours his story and his personality into the process. 


Imbred’s return this month brings perhaps an even harder hitting display of classic grunge than anything from before. The songs offer a string of single word titles & ideas that provoke a certain level of thinking; personal reflection, consideration of mental health, feelings of isolation & the little things we turn to for relief. 

GrungeHard Rock

Jay Jai pours genuine heartache into this song – you can hear it in the lyrics, & you can feel it in the performance. This is where artists go from merely making music to actually building bridges & connecting with people.


You’re likely to appreciate Alden as the artist rather than simply the musician. In the way that alternative bands from a decade or two ago would take the time to build something expressive & meaningful, whatever the topic or cause, Alden has gone in for this same level of creativity.