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temp.tone Jealous


Dreamy synth-pop carefully designed to light up the room – Germany’s temp.tone keep things colourful, emotive and immersive throughout a series of originals.

Beginning with the beautifully uplifting brightness and optimism of a contrastingly conceptual Jealous, the band promptly create a modern electro-pop vibe that welcomes nostalgia into its multi-layered mix with open arms.

Featuring boldly expressive vocals that pierce through during the chorus, Jealous is a melodically addictive track, with superb production that rains down all around.

Blissfully energising, mildly euphoric during its more passionate moments, and a fine introduction to a band worth knowing about.

As we progress through their catalogue, creativity proves a true calling card – no two songs are the same, no style set in stone nor topic easy to predict.

Consider the sudden electro fuzz and distortion of a gritty yet groovy Girl. The vocals have that familiarity, the thread, but otherwise the band craft a new story, complete with fragments of theatrics for a truly focused hit of escapism.

The song continues down this unpredictable pathway, becoming something of a pop-punk alternative during its anthem-like latter half.

Mixing things up all the more so, a touch of smooth jazz gifts a sense of calm and contemplation as A Heart Carved In A Tree utilises subtle effects and intimacy to connect. As always, the structure works brilliantly – temp.tone know precisely how to write songs that slowly but surely envelop listeners and draw them in closer. Lovely guitar work on this one lights up yet another side to the band.

One last track worth delving into is the atmospheric and increasingly passionate 2020-2021. Simple vocals drone through with the ache of the lyrics poignantly intertwined with the delivery, and meanwhile a simple chord progression and softly dramatic rhythm guide us into the centre of the concept. Slowly but surely, synth by synth, the energy and emotion rise to again euphoric levels.

Simple yet satisfying, purposeful, and beautiful to experience at volume. A personal favourite from the temp.tone corner, an act with a defiant love for music and expression that transcends any simple genre labels or industry expectations. Turn up the volume and enjoy the journey.

Check out temp.tone on Facebook, YouTube & Soundcloud or visit their Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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