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DJ Kazo Newbie


One year on and DJ Kazo continues to mix things up – Newbie leads with rising anticipation from the outset, quickly enveloping listeners in its potential energy and the high-octane embrace set to follow.

Classic dance rhythms and heavy bass meet with that ever experimental creative edge for a wholly immersive and surprisingly soulful new release.

Likable for its growing degree of energy, all the better for its ultimately multi-layered ambiance and relentless, dreamy array of synth and voice and rhythm.

Featuring a stop to silence close to the halfway point, there are more than a few characteristics that give Newbie a timeless and recognisable edge. That reintroduction is one; somewhat fearless sound-play in the face of an industry that prefers to comfort its audiences. The looping vocal fragments and that nostalgic nineties synth melody are another.

For the final third we’re plunged into a world of chaos as layers and fragments of audio collide and intertwine. The whole thing confidently tips its hat to the age of the rave, whilst incorporating a fresh air of intention that lights up something completely new.

Well worth a few streams at volume this season.

Download or stream Newbie here. Check out DJ Kazo on Facebook & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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