The time it’s taken to complete this album makes so much sense once you find yourself lost in the midst of it. Seventeen tracks make for a classic hip hop project that will last you as long as you need it to.


Flawlessly combining the retro vibes of the 80s with the absolute ear-wormery of modern pop, Perfect Chair is a track you only need to hear once for it to leave its mark. A huge song, immediately satisfying & enjoyable from start to finish.


The wait for an appropriately entrancing video for this particular single makes so much sense once you’ve witnessed the final presentation. The scenery & shots within are offered up in a distinctly natural manner, which makes it connect all the more intensely. 


A huge thank you to 2018 & B.D.U.B for the absolute classic that is The Lone Wolf Theory EP. Relighting the energy & freshness of original hip-hop – the realness, the story telling, the character, the space, the colour, the creativity – this project has it all.

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There are numerous occasions during the listening experience when it feels necessary to point out how perfectly relevant, inspiring & uplifting the music is. Every song adds to the optimism & vibrancy of the completed release.