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Carnival Mind Sky’s The Limit


Carnival Mind impress once again with their simple yet expressive approach to song-writing.

Enter the acoustic strum, the up-front, intimate vocal lead, and the topical subject matter that’s quick to captivate. Sky’s The Limit is as revealing and catchy as ever, perhaps more simple yet memorable in being so, and what’s more – it holds close to that natural Carnival Mind sound that’s so easily recognisable.

Melodically unpredictable, Sky’s The Limit begins in a way that feels as if we know where things will go, but in true Carnival Mind fashion the song soon brings in a structural compulsion that keeps you on your toes.

With this, the lyrics explore unexpected elements, and the whole thing urges you to pay much closer attention than the first few seconds of music seem to imply.

Uncertain then optimistic, musically pure and likable, reminding us of the live scenes we’ve all been without for so long – Sky’s The Limit keeps things honest in every respect.

Loaded with imagery that initially feels like something clever to hide behind, the song ultimately reverts back to a revealing search for self. Another fine addition to the band’s catalogue.

“I’m a sinking ship – With a dead man’s hand.”

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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