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MAQ Catch-22


DJ and producer MAQ leads audiences through an other-worldly experience of hypnotic imagery and intricate, cinematic sound design – Catch-22 ultimately capturing affection for its originality as much so as the natural and electronic fusion of warmth that’s quick to embrace.

From delicate attention to detail to invigorating intensity, a producer showcasing a full appreciation of space and time as much so as music and melody, Catch-22 evolves in a compelling and fearlessly authentic manner.

Coming in at past the seven-minute mark, this age-old approach has been long-missed in modern electronic music – that is to say, the sort with a journey, a purpose and reason for taking its time to tell its story.

Not merely looping familiar phrases around the listener, far from it – MAQ utilises change and progression throughout Catch-22, with each new section incorporating some new synth or quality or fragment, effect and distortion, as we fall further and further into the vibe and thought-provoking concept.

Ultimately a contemporary house track with a strong use of world-music vibes, melodic detailing and clear threads of identity and tale, Catch-22 reinvents the sound of electronic dance with a sci-fi kissed journey through feeling and thought.

The completed track, as audio alone but increasingly so with the subtly entrancing visuals to accompany it, makes for a near-euphoric wash of near-meditative escapism. As the energy builds, so too does the rate of the pulse, the body committing to the moment as much as possible – not unlike the artist clearly did during composition.

Brilliant, refreshingly original, interesting, and faultlessly produced. Notably a skilful and passionate creative with a welcomed edge of identity to share with the music world.

Download Catch-22 here. Check out MAQ on Apple & Beatport.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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