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Devin Kowl Missing U


Faultlessly expressive vocals of a softly raspy quality create an immediately intriguing sound, as Devin Kowl starts up his brand new single of longing and love lost, for Missing You.

Notably an artist devoted to performance, Devin’s delivery throughout Missing You is impressive, not least of all during these incredibly gentle early moments of scene-setting.

At the same time as the voice elevating the progression, the music sets an equally ambient, hypnotic mood. A simple guitar riff echoes through, heavy hints of rhythm and rising anticipation in the distance – a sense of incoming weight and emotion that lures you closer.

Interesting rhythms pan consistently throughout the mix, for a further touch of exotic arrangement that keeps things fresh. Elsewhere the use of contrast from that opening delicacy to the weight and passion of the final hook works brilliantly in affecting the mood of the room and connecting with the listener.

Ultimately a story of regret, heartache, the search for loyalty and a re-do of times past, Missing U feels like a poetically accessible pop hit during its hook, but veers off into intimate details of personal uncertainty and pain during its verses. It’s a balance that again raises the authenticity and identity of Devin’s sound and writing style.

Naturally an alternative RnB track worth experiencing. I look forward to hearing more.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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