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L30N5 Legends


Creatively delving into a new side of his artistic influences, artist and producer L30N5 exceeds even the highest reaching of his previous releases, with the piercingly euphoric, nostalgically hard-house ode that is Legends.

Tumbling into view with the synth precision of a trance hit and almost the weight and pace of gabber, Legends unites L30N5’s somewhat iconic, emotive style with that of hard-hitting production less commonly featuring such melodic progressions.

Enter a new realm, feeling partly like the dance hits of yesteryear, partly like the alternative rave scene, and partly like a genre-fusing creative example of passion and skill united; which is exactly what this is.

Openly fascinated by hardstyle dance production, L30N5 takes on the energy and tone of the genre with fearless commitment yet never without that essential edge of identity that runs throughout his releases. Youthful enthusiasm still elevates the music, and the ability and professionalism on display in the same instance is increasingly impressive.

The new wave of alternative electronic music is swiftly approaching. Well worth a listen at volume, perhaps not for the faint of heart – ideal for those gearing up for a much-needed all-nighter right about now.

Check out our interview with L30N5 to find out more about him. Find & follow him on Facebook & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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