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MTV Mozey Designer


Starting off the new season with energy and optimism, MTV Mozey launches the brand new rap crossover single Designer and paves the way for a big year.

Stylishly produced by WAGS, Designer blends in an intricately crafted soundscape of crystal-clear pop and dance qualities amidst a trap rhythm and infectious vocal lead from MTV Mozey.

The opening moments offer a dancehall-hip-hop fusion of energy and catchy rhythms, before the verse delves into a more freestyle-esque outpouring of confidence and riding the beat with fearless commitment to the cause.

The concept is everything the title implies, dream big and live what you preach – in this case encapsulating the lavish appeal of high-quality materials often sought after in hip hop and popular music.

As the three-thirty-seven track continues, MTV Mozey mixes up his flow and reverts back to that infectious hook in tune with the changing pace and presence of the music – ultimately delivering a contemporary anthem of subtle genre-free qualities backed up by a relentless vocal drive.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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