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Kevynn Hudsonn Her Number


Hearty bass and dreamy synths create an easy arena of calm as Kevynn Hudsonn proceeds to weave around listeners an intimate and melodic single of contemporary desire.

Featuring delicate vocals of clearly recognisable identity, Her Number follows a nostalgic pop structure but manages to feel fresh in its ultimate progression and approach of the topic.

The soundscape is brilliant, the bass-line sounds crisp and stylish, the track fills the room in the way that any strong production of a pop or trip hop composition should, from the lower ends to the peaks. In addition, the long-form melody adds an element of humanity, an almost free-style-esque outpouring of story and longing.

On top of everything, the use of the phone number itself, interwoven in the melody, the hook, works surprinsgly well in reinforcing the genuine love and loyalty of the song. Though not the first track to feature a telephone number, it’s perhaps the catchiest inclusion of one to date, and soon manages to leave these personal digits lingering in the mind thanks to the effectiveness of the tune.

Really well done, clever and concise, mainstream-ready yet interesting enough to stand tall as an indie hit.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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