Hype! is an album ready & waiting to fill the room around you with chaotic energy & classic rock & roll brightness. It’s a project fit for the build-up to anything big – consider this your weekend playlist. 

RockRock & Roll

Yugeezy’s use of the sample here supports his clear & unwavering desire to express the sheer inner turmoil & difficulties of the moment in a passionate & slightly vulnerable way.


Cyrpto Kade’s approach to hip hop is one of relentless energy, enthusiasm & flow. However much independent hip hop you may have consumed throughout 2018, Reach is likely to stop you in your tracks.


It would be foolish to assume any one thing about Barber’s sound based off of a few passing moments. His approach to music is refreshingly free, loving, and thoughtful – this breathes life into an already entrancing & enjoyable soundscape.