The soundscape itself loops out & around you as a soothing constant – that riff, that subtle sense of rhythm, that voice; all of it connects in a masterful yet natural way. Fusing poetry with personal reflections on life, the lyrics captivate & offer a fine balance between individual truth and a more widely accessible feeling of isolation or being lost.


There’s familiarity in the way the whole thing pours through. There’s not a common set-up, it doesn’t feel verse-chorus-like, it just emerges and moves along like an ambient hip hop loop; adding further to that laid back, calming energy. 


Love lifts us up in often unpredictable ways, and this album is a testament to that honor. Undoubtedly one of the most eclectic and enjoyable releases of Imbred’s to date.


KC Sisters harmonize beautifully on this refreshing take on The Marvelettes 1960’s classic Please Mr. Postman. It’s a pleasure to hear this song again after so long, especially when it’s been given such a light and lovely makeover.


The now unmistakable sound of 3mind Blight offers a hint of classic Eminem-style story-telling with this single Another Life. Another impressive, fascinating and brilliantly produced release from the Oklahoma based artist and songwriter. 


Combining delicate vocals and deeply thoughtful lyrics, all trickling through among a creative and partly organic partly electronic soundscape, Plastic Teardrops bring the perfect vibe to unwind within; and maybe even ponder the world a little more intentionally. 


The religious aspect runs deep within these songs and so for those who want to feel a connection to something greater than themselves, this EP offers a modern and ultimately very heartfelt take on faith and dedication to a higher power.

AmericanaChristianFolk Pop