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Bad Bubble February, 2022


Lyrically brief yet unignorable, musically dreamy and almost joyful in stark juxtaposition with the topic – Bad Bubble delves into a longing for the end, with February, 2002.

All-consuming thoughts of the past and the emptiness of a future without someone make up the passionate vocal peaks of this single. The voice is unmistakable if you’ve heard even a small fraction of Bad Bubble’s repertoire – so too is this multilayered, ethereal synth production, and the defiantly increasing emotion and grit.

The latter half in particular sees a distinct shift towards piercingly raw, passionate vocals, as the lyrics prove unforgiving in depicting a protagonist who has lost all hope…

“I’ve found a way to leave this goddamn world… Behind (where it belongs) and go where I need to be…(With my daughter)”

Offering no lyrical hint of optimism or possibility, February, 2022 captures a moment and event with unwavering purpose, the closing statements of hiding a shameful face and ‘Goodbye… and Farewell’ cutting through with definitive finality.

This end of the story is followed by a switch to simple, organic piano, notably more melancholic in reflecting the heartbreak, but also perhaps lighter in suggesting the sudden comfort of finally being reconnected with a missed loved one.

Not for minds feeling fragile, February, 2022 imagines a dark future immersed in inescapable guilt and sadness. There’s always more light to be found in the world, but not everyone stays long enough to find it. As with all Bad Bubble music, that realism and honesty is key.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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