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Fi-Né 粉內 5th Dimension


Funky electro-bass guides us into the tropical groove and seductive vocal journey of this new single from creative duo Fi-Né 粉內.

Building up on that tribal, tropical rhythm throughout, 5th Dimension employs familiar pop and hip hop threads amidst intermittent moments of simplicity that is the piano and the classic harmonies, to ultimately lay bare an artistically original fusion of traits.

All at once unorthodox yet satisfying, melodically addictive and with a clear potential for remix amidst the floor-filler realm, 5th Dimension marks a bold introduction to the upcoming album from Fi-Né 粉內.

Genre proves nothing more than an underlying quality amidst an ocean of flavours and details. Even the very structure of the track takes listeners on a journey – forever eclectic and changing – yet always we return and resolve with that retro bass-line and the simplicity of ‘I’m burning up’ as a hook.

No doubt the longer project will bring plenty more refreshing hits to modern pop. I look forward to listening.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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