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Hannah Jadagu What You Did


Songwriter and artist Hannah Jadagu unites distortion and delicacy, for an anthemic and rather addictive celebration of honest indie rock.

From the stunning album Aperture, What You Did storms into view with a nostalgic and vintage rock guitar and drums arrangement, later contrasting this with the fall-away to a softer vocal thread – for evocative storytelling and a striking dynamic.

Something like Shoe-gaze with a twist of Grunge, open humanity and heart topped off with an hypnotically looping hook that’s simple, chaotic and an undeniable ear-worm – What You Did manages to skillfully walk the line between melancholy and optimism. The resulting single presents a certain fusion of weight and lightness that’s blissfully easy to lose yourself within.

Far from a one-trick pony, Aperture in full is unmissable – a personal favourite from the year so far. The project is impressively eclectic, uninhibited by genre or expectation, but always well-rooted amidst this sense of identity and depth that is Hannah’s songwriting and sound.

Quality new music, in short – authentic and engaging – not to mention she’s now signed to Sub Pop and is heading out on a US tour starting in August.

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