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KNoWTe Unchecked


Haunting production and sharp bars unite with a bold sense of character and grit – New Hampshire-born rapper and artist KNoWTe delivers the piercing new anthem Unchecked.

Highlighting vocal versatility in line with an eclectic soundscape ranging from ethereal to metal, Unchecked showcases an artist with a fine grasp of conceptual purpose. The performance ranges from quietly unsettling to theatrical and passionate, as per the changing stages of this story and outpouring.

Just two minutes fifty in length but with a feeling of being much more extensive for its unique structure and clever use of contrast between sections, the dynamic and identity on display introduces KNoWTe in a way that’s instantly impactful.

Backed by years immersed in spoken word and recording alike, KNoWTe’s fiercely unique approach reflects that of an artist with a recognizable thread of depth and style to his sound. Rather than simply adhering to current trends, the music and eclectic vocal-play, even the darkness and weight of the story, lays bare a level of authenticity that compels you to listen closely.

Unchecked is one more impressive track from a swiftly expanding repertoire. Well worth exploring for fans of Hip Hop, Rap, Rock and Metal all thoughtfully intertwined to represent a shared sentiment.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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