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Atlantic Junction What Iceberg?


Big-band vibes and colourful harmonies light up the blues rock and soul-funk sound of Atlantic Junction’s impressive new album What Iceberg?

Beginning with the sax-kissed country and blues-rock tones of Blame Culture, the band instantly expand upon the implied depths of the album title, but juxtapose this with a clear sense of musical optimism that’s infectiously uplifting.

Smooth and soulful vocals back up a full-band arrangement of organic layers including guitars to drums, keys, bass, horns, and plenty more – the ten-piece Atlantic Junction present an immediate sense of being masters of the live performance space, and as such this project is an easy one for really elevating listeners into that immersive real-time space.

The album continues to highlight these qualities, with versatility between vocal leads and instrumental set-ups as well as the intriguing stories told.

The Godfather of Soul and The King of Rock and Roll and New Set Of Wheels make for upbeat retro pop-rock highlights, and the likes of Get Over You and Altruism Blues captivate in a softer, more thought-provoking fashion. Always there’s a depth of topic that surprises and is welcomed amidst such a familiar musicality.

Timeless and stylish, loaded with catchy hooks, riffs and grooves, What Iceberg? is a wonderful album, which naturally invites interest in the live shows from Atlantic Junction. Check them out when you can.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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