As the UK election looms, what better way to celebrate the joys of political uncertainty, than with a post-punk and indie-funk ode to the self-celebration of leaders, and the simultaneous lack of faith the public consistently has in them?

Cleverly unbiased and inclusive, Elected is everything its subjects are not – uplifting and enjoyable, poetic and thoughtful, engaging.

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HEating is the band’s latest single, a fast-paced and post-punk exploration of the inescapable cost off living crisis. What feels at first like a fun and perhaps quirky anthem and performance, soon evolves into a boldly evocative and devotedly heavy ode to the painful decisions being made by millions of families and individuals across the UK. ‘HEating or eating’ resounds from between the fierce crash of the drums and the chaotic meandering of power chords and bass.

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