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Misso Swing it Hard


Quickly igniting nostalgia for the nights of electro-swing and ambient after-parties, lost in the music and the moment – producer Misso keeps things eclectic yet comforting with this short collection of original grooves.

Welcome starts things up with a familiar freshness – the awakening energy of the descending chord pattern and the multi-coloured brightness of electro swing in its natural setting; complete with organic sax for that soulful seduction. Energise, uplift, feel good…

All Day follows and a touch of scratch DJ-work and retro piano take us back to an even further afield yesteryear. Increase the pace, pick up the stomp and inject a little horn and rising anticipation – this one soon evolves into an addictively simple yet satisfying dance loop; building and building, enveloping its audience as the classic EDM drop gears up. An unexpectedly vibrant and pounding soundscape comes in after the first minute, elevating Misso to all the more creatively free realms.

Bringing a little more of a summertime, festival-ready bounce is the aptly titled track Bloom, complete with its characterful, vintage swing set-up and the contrastingly pristine nature of contemporary production. Blissfully immersive, hypnotic in its back and forth between layers, and ultimately uplifting once again as things build. The latter half is stunning, beautifully euphoric and urging its audience to ramp up the volume and escape entirely into the moment. A personal favourite from the Swing It Hard project.

The earlier decades of last century shine all the more brightly amidst the heavy thump of a modern beat for the brilliantly infectious Swing BASS. Downright dirty and creatively unique as it progresses, this one conjures up the late night vibes and really gets you craving the return of the clubs.

Misso’s abilities as a producer are impeccable, the fades and the drops, the smooth transitions elsewhere, the combination of elements and genres – the sudden filthy dub and bass fuzz of this track proving once again how unconfined and fearless the creative process can be.

A touch of influence from Singing In The Rain crackles through for a vintage, relevantly mellow and dreamy Swing and Chill to bring the short-lived yet striking project to a finish. Another artistic mix, shoulder swaying and sleepy, showcasing one last grasp at freedom within the electro-swing genre.

Misso lays down an incredible display of both dedication and versatility throughout this EP, and the music is so easy to enjoy – and to be impressed by. A timeless collection, well worth a few streams at volume this summer.

Check out Misso on Soundcloud & Instagram or visit their Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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