Hard-hitting Techno at a faultless tempo of 148, surrounded by brief melodic bass and key progressions that subtly introduce a mood and sense of movement – H.I.O.B offers up the detailed and euphoric new track Roahr.


Quickly igniting nostalgia for the nights of electro-swing and ambient after-parties, lost in the music and the moment – producer Misso keeps things eclectic yet comforting with this short collection of original grooves.

Electro SwingSwing

Sporting a Post Malone-style production, this is a savvy gem of hip-hop with a smart rap that feels authentic and has an emotional, smart vocal delivery at its heart which is definitely worthy of your attention.


Something like classic rock & roll with a Brit-pop edge of melody & performance, and a whole lot of energy. On top of this is their songwriting – so many tracks feel like absolute anthems, the sort that beg to be witnessed in a live setting; a festival would be ideal.

RockRock & Roll