Quickly igniting nostalgia for the nights of electro-swing and ambient after-parties, lost in the music and the moment – producer Misso keeps things eclectic yet comforting with this short collection of original grooves.

Electro SwingSwing

While the title is a nod to modern life, the phrasing, the tech, the search for understanding, what you’ll ultimately find within is a country-rock, jazz-piano-soaked classic – an explosion of organic instrumentation, high energy and nostalgia; enough so to take you way back to bar fights and big bands. 

Country RockFunkSwing

A short collection of covers such as this really reinforces the fact that Andrew Farstar is easily the right choice for anyone looking for a singer with a genuine and deep-running passion for performance and music; regardless of genre or era or style.


Doug Ferony and his big-band sound are one of a kind at present, and this single is the perfect starting point for those who are new to his music or who are seeking out that authentic, historically rooted yet fresh and colourful jazz and swing aura. 


KC Sisters harmonize beautifully on this refreshing take on The Marvelettes 1960’s classic Please Mr. Postman. It’s a pleasure to hear this song again after so long, especially when it’s been given such a light and lovely makeover.