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MC Shep The Breakup to Makeup Mixtape


Introducing a sublime return from MC Shep, The Breakup To Makeup Mixtape starts off on a smooth and seductive high, and refuses to falter throughout.

Euphoric synths cascade with colour and delicacy to light up Let’s Make Love All Night, before superb and soulful RnB vocals from Love, Soul and Harmony guide us through a melodic and intimate journey.

Melody is key, something that stands tall in every synth riff and vocal inflection, but so is this overall fusion of nostalgic and contemporary qualities – a combination that allows the music to really work its magic at volume.

The new album from MC Shep welcomes a handful of featured vocalists, whom each bring dynamic and further soul to the colourful, catchy arrangements presented.

Piano softness and off-beat rhythms add versatility early on, as Kim Latoya elevates the evocative poetry of When The Rain Comes Down. Then we get a touch of retro keys and synths united for the familiar chord-pattern warmth and quieter delivery of It’s Over – a meandering top-line keeping things original with its long-form verse progression.

100 Reasons raises the pulse a little, heavier tones and warped effects meeting with the characterful sound of Lady D and a memorable hook. As ever, MC Shep utilizes multiple layers of synth, bass, rhythm and melody to create an immersive yet subtle, soothing listen.

Afterwards, something like tropical inspiration brings in a well-placed Only You – another classic love song in amidst a ten-track project that promises to maintain that romantic depth for the extent of its playtime.

One final highlight worth mentioning is The Sweetest Love, an instantly hooky track that begs for you to sing along, with blissful harmonies raising the bar further still – and a humble shoulder-swaying groove really letting the good vibes of yesteryear pour through.

MC Shep keeps things organic, honest and intentional, and this album in full – The Breakup to Makeup Mixtape – speaks volumes on behalf of that devotion to the cause.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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