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MC Shep Text Sugardaddy


Retro funk flavours and infectious melodies light up this good-vibes anthem from songwriter and artist MC Shep.

Featuring a full-band arrangement of horns, keys, bass and hi-hats, Text Sugardaddy introduces itself with a soulful vocal declaration devoted to the single ladies. Things then merge into a colourful groove of short lines and warm bass, before building back up towards the easily memorable peaks of the hook.

Melodically on point, performed with a clear love for the process, Text Sugardaddy is as nostalgic as it is catchy, and effectively injects an earworm of timeless musical origins into the modern scene. Lyrically things veer off towards stereotypes a little, and the financial benefits of spending time with an older romantic, however, for the most part it all seems to be kept distinctly light-hearted.

Vocally MC Shep maintains an edge of recognisable identity, and alongside this we get fragments of blues, pop, funk and RnB all intertwined – ultimately gifting a single that’s unmistakable once it’s crossed your path.

Four-minutes in length and with a beautifully unexpected, light yet alluring solo during the final third, everything from the concept to the performance and set-up of Text Sugardaddy works in favour of making sure it hits with impact. An impressive little hit – worth a cheeky listen this season.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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