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MC Shep Just Dance!


Funky disco-pop extraordinaire MC Shep returns just weeks after the launch of his latest catchy groove. The new single brings yet another infectious melody, nostalgic rhythm, and easily accessible stream of choregraphed moves.

From the outset Just Dance! feels like a classic MC Shep production of bass, synths, beats, and that echoing chanted vocal from the artist himself. However, before long we’re introduced to a suddenly higher-end vocal performance from a featured artist, adding a kind of retro nineties RnB vibe and a notably brighter, attention-grabbing hook.

After this, we return to the simple instrumental repeats, before a second hook falls into place later on – a key change and a redirection to slightly darker, more late-night vibes.

The overall set-up is heavier than most MC Shep releases in its entirety. The fullness of these synths, multiple layers of melody and distortion, rhythm and voice. The structure is a little dissonant, but that creative freedom is again synonymous with the MC Shep name. His intention is to get you moving, get you dancing, and in this case – dancing your troubles away. Both the song and the accompanying visuals reinforce the celebratory embracement of that concept.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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