Ultra Feminist isn’t purely a call out to all feminists, but a personal ode to an artist’s own liberation from a tumultuous and isolating past. It’s a heavy topic, but the song has a certain lightness and positivity to it, which works well to juxtapose the issues within. In other words – If you like the title; you’ll love the song.

DiscoElectro PopPoetryPopSongwriter

Colourful and retro production sets a disco-kissed realm that’s merely a small introduction to an artist fiercely unconfined by genre or expectation. sykii lights up the uniquely melodic and vocally distinct project Blaze with unrivalled eclecticism and freedom of expression.

Alt PopDiscoIndie PopLo-FiProducerSongwriter

Funky disco-pop extraordinaire MC Shep returns just weeks after the launch of his latest catchy groove. The new single brings yet another infectious melody, nostalgic rhythm, and easily accessible stream of choregraphed moves.

Dance PopDiscoFunk

New music from MC Shep can only mean one thing – it’s time for a catchy groove. Promising another quirky anthem, this time with an addictive shuffle and a classic bass line, MC Shep leads with an easy set of dance moves and a song that simply relays those moves in a Cha Cha Slide kind of fashion.