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Lupus J. Excited


Summer strikes early this year, as Lupus J.’s return brings a passionate dancehall anthem of optimism, colour and soul.

Excited is the brand new single, a multi-layered, synth-soaked and rhythmically infectious track, with mighty vocals that prove equally addictive as they rise and resolve for that chorus.

It’s a long-form progression of nostalgic yet relevantly effective strength, featuring a smooth but versatile delivery, alongside world-music rhythms and a plethora of synths, keys and notes to fill up the outer edges.

Beautifully produced, Excited feels like a summer-jam ready and waiting to be a hit. An earworm for sure, but also just a good-vibes go-to of musically and vocally impressive origins.

The writing is also decidedly worthy, the whole story and evolution to the completing line of ‘so excited’ works its magic with ease, and the release in full promises a naturally timeless and engaging listen – from a creative with a swiftly expanding repertoire of inspirational, uplifting tracks.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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