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Lupus J. The Voice


Lupus. J packs an almighty punch with his brilliantly evolving, emotive and poetic yet ultimately powerful single The Voice.

Beginning with the initial familiarity of a piano part indicative of rising anticipation, the song follows an intriguing and inclusive story – one that ultimately speaks on unity, togetherness, and the power of love.

Sensational vocals meander with passion and precision, as The Voice proceeds to blend nostalgically euphoric dance qualities with outright intention and heart performatively. It’s an uncommon pairing of qualities, and it works beautifully in captivating and connecting.

The lyrics offer meaningful observations and inspiring sentiments, and the delivery more than reflects the inherent emotions and longing at their core. ‘We want freedom’ resounds as the soundscape builds and gathers momentum, unmistakably the second time around, for that true immersive escapism that naturally gets audiences geared up to move and make things happen.

Proving to be both a dance-floor filler and something of a new-metal alternative of gritty and fearlessly devoted intentions, The Voice stands tall on precisely the strength of its title representation in both lyric and sound. The production is recognisable, timeless and effective, and the lyrics and character united with this help raise the bar to even greater heights.

Really well-captured and crafted – a pleasure to turn up loud and escape into.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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