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Lochlan Shaw A Part Of Me Will Always Be You


Lochlan Shaw sets the mood and elevates listeners from the outset, as his boldly bright and energising new project A Part Of Me Will Always Be You pours onto the scene.

Following the wonderfully unmistakable And So The Light Returned, this new EP fires up its engines in a sublime manner, as Then She Moves builds and resolves with a full-band sound that’s addictively immersive.

In true Lochlan Shaw fashion, the voice meanders from lower-toned to falsetto peaks throughout an increasingly passionate arrangement, the completed performance blending aspects of indie rock with the more delicate style of artists like Damien Rice. It’s a huge hit to start out with, and sets the bar well for the entire five-track collection.

Glasgow Streets follows, the guitars, keys, bass and drums proving threads of recognisable energy from one song to the next. The voice returns and furthers that, only now we get short lines of poetic contemplation, a certain vocal softness juxtaposed by the weight of the surrounding instrumentation.

Switching gears a little is the energetic acoustic strum of To See You With Another. Here the nuances and character of the Lochlan voice stand tall, leading with vulnerability and painful honesty in detailing the ache of precisely what the title implies. The stripped-back setting and devotion here connects well, not least of all for its placement within the project.

Afterwards, I Remember Flower Blossom Hill captures attention for its nostalgia and declaration to impart change and self-progression. The rising rock soundscape underlines this growing passion brilliantly, and the contrast between fingerstyle-piano pairing and the fullness of elsewhere is really well-connected to the inspiring, uplifting lyrical development. Great writing and composing – a personal favourite.

To finish, Lochlan again lets his affinity with the guitar lead us into an otherwise smooth groove and thoughtful hit of writing. As per the EP’s name, these are songs of looking back, longing, and acceptance. With She Decorates The Day, we see many of those qualities and thoughts culminate, for a heartfelt, appreciative yet painful closing song, that again shines light on the unique intricacies of Lochlan’s voice and writing.

The new EP brings a level of professionalism and energy to Lochlan’s repertoire, and as ever maintains that strength of songwriting across all five songs.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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