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Lochlan Shaw And So The Light Returned (EP)


The UK’s own Lochlan Shaw releases an acoustic debut EP that consistently holds close to his profoundly considerate, fearlessly open manner of writing and performing.

Complete with rhythm changes and rising passion in the vocals and lyrics, Lochlan takes full advantage of the creative space with just an acoustic guitar and voice. Hollywood Cliches as an opener exemplifies this quality and offers a poetically intimate, reflective and thoughtful way with writing that introduces the artist with a clear sense of identity.

Vocally unique and decidedly raw in presentation and pace, the acoustic delivery promises the live sound of the small venue to a genuine and revealing degree. The five songs make use of intricate finger-picking and naturally emotional vocals for a deeply human outpouring of experiences and contemplations.

From heartbreak to possibility, And So The Light Returned takes on the tribulations of life and death, oneness and loss, in a pure and honest manner.

Father Chance helps kick off the storyline with detail and poetry united. Already the Lochlan Shaw voice, in tone and in purpose, is recognisable.

Melodically a clear highlight is the song She Will Always Have a Key To My Mind, it resorts to the simple strumming of acoustic power-chords to draw focus to the unique intricacies and vulnerability of both Lochlan’s voice and his songwriting.

With Savour The Night we get distinct scenery and a stop-start vibe from the guitar and voice, building up towards confident breakaways to silence and intermittent falsetto peaks – which by now are a clear calling card of the artist’s style.

Suburban Parish follows to bring things to a close with more storytelling intrigue. The melody and personal touch lean towards the soft rock offerings of the nineties, those stripped-back tracks that hit with impact when surrounded by heavier offerings.

It’s a worthy way to go out, and at close to seven minutes it takes full advantage of the performance space as Lochlan wholeheartedly commits to the sentiments both instrumentally and vocally.

Check out Lochlan Shaw on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram or visit his Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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