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Josh Christina Lets Get Woke


Whatever the title and artwork for this release conjures up in your contemporary mind, Josh Christina does a great job of blowing those expectations out of the water. While the title is a nod to modern life, the phrasing, the tech, the search for understanding, what you’ll ultimately find within is a country-rock, jazz-piano-soaked classic – an explosion of organic instrumentation, high energy and nostalgia; enough so to take you way back to bar fights and big bands.

Josh Christina creates the perfect moment of swing for music fans to lose themselves within. The energy is brilliant, the musical performances incredibly impressive and united under the blanket of this song. Josh also utilizes contrast really well, the instrumental break during the latter half allows a moment of quiet anticipation to pave the way back to the final huge drop into beautiful chaos.

Let’s Get Woke is a mighty song, one that far exceeds the impression left by its title. Wonderfully vibrant, uplifting, and easily fit to see you into the weekend on a high. A live show would almost certainly be something well worth experiencing.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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