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Jonathan Anderson Heart’s Palisade (Original Violin Song)


Jonathan Anderson, first introduced to us as The Tiny Violinist, returns this summer with an intoxicating and deeply emotive composition, aptly titled Heart’s Palisade.

To listen to this piece of music in and of itself, is to witness a decidedly heart-breaking progression – mellow and quiet yet intricate, and soulful in a manner suggestive of longing, perhaps isolation. Of course, each experience of the track will be unique to the listener, and that’s where the magic of Jonathan’s music really kicks in.

To consider the concept of a Heart’s Palisade is to take on the piece under a slightly new light. Even then, it still hits with a similar level of emotion – a need for something more, perhaps a willingness or desire to allow someone to push through those barriers. This natural quality speaks volumes on behalf of both Jonathan Anderson’s musical ability and his connection to the process.

As the composition plays, it draws upon a mildly nostalgic aura – cinematic in a traditional folk fashion, increasingly heart-breaking as it rises up through the notes and its own complex and intriguing journey.

Beautiful, emerging complete with a series of visuals incorporating a live performance amidst scenes from the natural world. There’s also a decidedly recognisable sound to the melody and progression, giving this instrumental the rare quality of being easily memorable – and easy to pinpoint the second time around. Well worth experiencing.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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