JoHnNy L & FiLiPpo - RiSe Of ThE bEaTs : Underground Session - Stereo Stickman

JoHnNy L & FiLiPpo RiSe Of ThE bEaTs : Underground Session


Underground we live forever…

Plenty has been missing from our lives this past year, not least of all some of the most authentic experiences that music has to offer. Thankfully, on the House front at least, JoHnNy L & FiLiPpo deliver the remedy.

A temporary break from the chaos of the world, a post-hour-long mix of classic and contemporary house vibes, setting and maintaining the mood and ideal level of escapism throughout each and every finely blended new track.

Stylishly and professionally uniting the classic weight of the genre with fragments of soul, melody, colour and intention, RiSe Of ThE bEaTs is stunning – the perfect journey away from uncertainty. The welcomed embrace of finely selected alternative hits amidst a superb arrangment that begs for you to keep the volume steady.

High quality speakers recommended, or noise cancelling headphones if it’s purely for you. RiSe Of ThE bEaTs is just one of a plethora of sets the duo have released to date. The creative edge is inspiring, particularly when compared to the vast majority of dance or sub-genre mixes from recent months and years.

There’s a freshness to the set-up, to this immersive and satisfying yet still unpredictable progression of tracks. The mix allows each piece to take its time under the spotlight, not adhering to any irrelevant industry standards, but rather – holding close to the heart and soul of the genre; the dawn of those days in which time held no power over anyone. The rave, the after-party, the all nighter, the easy commute.

A hypnotic outpouring clocking in at well past the sixty-minute mark. Blissful soul, striking vocals, fragments of inspiring concepts to motivate and calm all at once – not to mention subtle builds up and strong grooves united. The pulse of House connects consistently, revitalising the body and mind in the process.

Nostalgia and the next wave wave of electronic dance music join forces throughout RiSe Of ThE bEaTs. The call of the underground is a voice that grows louder with each new week confined or separated from the energy and freedom of the scene. Here we get the next best thing, straight through your home set-up. A dream to escape into for a while.

Already on the rise within the scene, and rightfully so – JoHnNy L & FiLiPpo are far from strangers to releasing uniquely engaging, entrancing mixes.

MoViNg FoRwArD is an intense and compelling alternative, hitting with impact for its powerful sense of rising anticipation throughout a nine-minute journey; contrast utilised to a heavy degree. A more industrial angle, a quicker pace, still true to the natural passion of the process; with equal parts immersive rhythm and creative hints of human expression.

Then there’s Lets Do It, which drops in with even more darkness and energy – pouring through the speakers with mounting urgency and a clear use of sound-play on the live DJ front. An addictive, anthem-like progression, simple yet striking.

The only thing missing is the crowd, the live experience – hopefully someday soon we get to witness the rebuilding of the scene. Enjoy.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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