Kfir’s Outta Love is a huge song, one that takes its time to kick in but offers a powerful sense of rising anticipation and passion as it progresses.


There’s a humble air of authenticity to this album that makes it a reliable and deeply appealing project. Font Leroy is not out here shouting for attention or desperate for views. Instead, he’s making music that means something to him, that he himself is a fan of, and for these reasons the entire album works perfectly.

Alt PopFolk PopHip-HopJazzTrip-Hop

Offering up a structurally impressive few minutes of music and performance, the track moves skillfully from the seductively melodic hook to the musically stripped-back and rhythmic rap verses – helping build something that feels like it consistently evolves. 


Where the opening moments introduce that soulful RnB melody, that moment of memorable familiarity that’s likely to stay with the listener long after listening, the later sections introduce contrasting levels of energy – and performances that impress in a totally different kind of way.


Something about the violin offers those traditional folk-rock vibes that make you want to head down to a live show at some Irish pub. To combine this with the already uplifting aura of a well-crafted, synth-driven EDM ambiance makes for something even more immersive and a total pleasure to listen to.

EDMNeo Classical

Cross My Heart sounds beautiful, passionate & musically supreme. It’s memorable in a subtle fashion, not intrusive or irritating to have running through your mind – on the contrary, it feels soothing to consider the loyalty & love at the heart of the song; even with its turmoil & regret – that realness is everything.