Something about the violin offers those traditional folk-rock vibes that make you want to head down to a live show at some Irish pub. To combine this with the already uplifting aura of a well-crafted, synth-driven EDM ambiance makes for something even more immersive and a total pleasure to listen to.

EDMNeo Classical

Cross My Heart sounds beautiful, passionate & musically supreme. It’s memorable in a subtle fashion, not intrusive or irritating to have running through your mind – on the contrary, it feels soothing to consider the loyalty & love at the heart of the song; even with its turmoil & regret – that realness is everything.


The reason this track works so well is that it seems to present an approach to expression & creativity that’s completely uninhibited – carefree & ready to put forth whatever level of artistry the moment requires.


Combining a vast horn section, a meandering bass-line, and a number of elements that form a notably creative electronic soundscape – the single Move, from Glorious, is one that makes certain to leave its mark the very first time you hear it.