The UK’s own DJ Xylo captures the intoxicating essence of Drum and Bass, alongside a brilliantly creative twist of originality. The Law Of The Jungle is every bit as fiercely intense as the genre was back in the day, but also skilfully balances that with the haunting melodies and vocal fragments utilised throughout the four-minute … Continued

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Just seventeen years old and already carving out a classic but fresh sound as a modern producer. DJ Jan is set to close down this year’s Monster Energy Catalunya MotoGP Grand Prix, alongside a plethora of other noteworthy appearances to follow, and the sheer intensity and creative edge of TEC quite naturally highlights why.

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Threads of nostalgia draw in even the most hard-tuned old school ravers, before ambient twists of oriental melody and calming synths balance out proceedings. Introducing an addictively all-consuming audio deep-dive…