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John Salaway A Little Bit Broken


John Salaway has offered up an anthemic classic with this latest release. Seductive from the offset, A Little Bit Broken leads with a simple shuffle of a beat and bass-line, united beautifully with the comforting rhythm and subtle swagger of Salaway’s vocal.

As things build, that quick familiarity in the melodic development takes you by the hand and guides you right into the centre of the action – resulting in an ultimately brilliant and musically satisfying hook that tops it all off perfectly.

There’s a recognisable twang to this style of songwriting, perhaps not the sort you commonly find amidst such an Americana-soaked ambiance though – the indie rock aura pours through in the voice and indeed in the way the whole build up and drop proceed to resolve. The music envelops you, prompting you to dance or feel energized, at the same time as considering or relating to these deeply personal and honest, poetically presented lyrics. Then, just as you’re lost in the thick of it, Salaway almost quietly whispers that resolving line; I’m a little bit broken but I put myself back together. 

The energy of the song rises up slowly but in a rhythmically entrancing manner, seeming to wash over you like a wave, the bigger moments crashing into action before the sound drags back out to sea – leaving you with only that whisper of an idea; that acceptance, that overcoming, that possibility for something new.

A brilliant song, beautifully performed and indicative of an artist with a natural talent for writing and performing in precisely this style and genre. I look forward to hearing more.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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