Itsmoodie - Munch - Stereo Stickman

Itsmoodie Munch


Fresh audio from Itsmoodie makes sure to grab your attention from the outset – this high-octane mix of an Ice Spice track rains down with a whole new world of instrumental attitude.

The heavily distorted synth and beat combination with a passionately spoken vocal fragment for Munch takes no time at all to lay down the foundation of an inescapably intense five-minute audio journey – one that naturally raises the bar for an already impressive producer and artist.

We’re a notable distance away from the smooth and sultry tones of a mellow Take Me, but the ability and professionalism at the forefront, intertwined with that unwavering appreciation for the simple embrace of music, shines brightly regardless.

Underground vibes weigh heavy on the day’s work and instead inspire a nostalgic longing to escape into the grip of the night’s unrelenting rave scene.

The timeless pace and presence of the Munch remix works well to both bridge that gap back to the simpler era, and create an alluring new route for modern electronic music fans to experience the true power of original techno.

Itsmoodie masters the space as ever, the extensive new release showcasing an authentic connection to the genre and the depth of the music in a manner that cares not for the expectations of industry or mainstream radio.

It’s a creative niche on the one hand, but driven by a limitless dance energy and tempo that possess the ability to awaken and uplift any and all listeners willing to delve in at volume.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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