Cwest has captured a sound of his own right now – the music is fresh, the stories too for the most part, and the performances are consistently passionate and powerful.

Hip Hop

I guess what I’m saying is the album leans into something akin to a multi-sensory experience… intellect, emotion, poetry, visual story-telling, painting with sounds… if you choose, all are engaged by this melting pot that Vlasse has put together.


Forever may be a complex piece, but it flows by in an effortless swathe of colour and skill. It doesn’t sound quite like anything else out there, and yet also sounds familiar. Now that’s a tricky balance to strike, and deserves some recognition.

PopProducerRnBSoulSoul Pop

Fusing a simple yet addictive string riff, with a contemporary beat and a doubled-vocal line that digs deep into personal relations and reflections on life – RianMusic’s The One is a uniquely recognisable song that quickly leaves its mark.

Alt PopElectro PopPop

Thoughtful soundscapes take their time to build, showcasing someone who utilizes the very art of sound design and musicality, in line with lyricism, to pave his way as an artist. A brilliant album, quite probably his best to date.

Hip Hop