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Itsmoodie Take me


Creative ambient production and seductive, distant vocals guide us into this enchanting modern-day trip hop venture from producer Itsmoodie.

Familiar yet fresh, Take Me offers hypnotic dance rhythms and subtly quirky production traits, alongside a sultry and poetic leading voice, to ultimately craft an audio experience that’s quick to calm the body and set the mind off wandering.

Allowing the passion and intensity to rise mildly throughout, Take Me moves stylishly from ambient calm to near-euphoric uplift. The rhythm maintains its central pulse, the voice still recognizable, but there’s a heightened degree of commitment to the changing emotions of the writing. As the soundscape and performance underline this, the listener too is swept away on its energy.

Beautifully-crafted and promising over six-minutes of expression and immersive embrace, Take me continues to bring through further unexpected qualities. During the latter half we get humble fragments of Jazz guitar meandering in the sidelines, with breathy vocal ad-libs and track-scratching helping build up a whole new angle from which to view the journey.

This warped and intoxicating evolution works brilliantly, gifting the track a vast potential for remix – making it well-suited for both your late-night peaceful isolation, or outright floor-filler when only the club-life will connect.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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