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Hideotronic Together Forever Alone


Immediately uniting the emotive warmth of cinematic sound design and musicality, with a clear connection to the digital world – spoken segments that literally introduce the power of the computer, amidst a deeply moving soundscape. Another brand new album of originals from Hideotronic hits the scene this month, and it’s an immersive dream of a listen from start to finish.

Neighbourhood is the opener, poignant on the one hand for its topical introduction, melodic and calming on the other for its purity and the pristine arrangement of colours and melodies that Hideotronic so masterfully unites with his heartfelt, poetic song-writing.

Bionicle is an early highlight for both its simplicity and poetic concept, plus the calm drop to the hook is strangely uplifting and emotionally honest all at once. An unforgettable Pretend makes an appearance afterwards and contrasts well for its high-energy and the satisfying resolve of each phrase – there’s even a rather gorgeous and unexpected acoustic version at the end of the playlist; a rare chance to catch the artist in a stripped-back, organic setting.

Freddie is another that stands out, brilliantly haunting details meet with a heavy alternative dance vibe to captivate and enthral right the way through. Then we get the absolute hope and positivity of Together Forever Alone, an immersive and inspiring title-track with some heart-breaking story-telling at its core. Another easy highlight and well-worth knowing about.

During the latter half, Lately injects an addictive hit of good vibes and funk to lift the mood and energize. Only A Dream then furthers the good energy – a fast-paced, eighties sci-fi sort of dance-floor hit with superb energy and optimism. Faultless production, as ever – even offering that M83-esque sax layer for a soulful dash of live performance to further its creative reach.

Sleepwalker follows on beautifully, raining down in classic Hideotronic fashion, quickly prompting the body and mind to elevate amidst this euphoric wash of escapism. There’s also a superb distorted synth solo to look forward to later on as Polaroid makes for a welcomed switch in gears.

Occasionally Hideotronic’s lyrics take something of a backseat to the overall mood and impressive nature of the production and structuring. However, when you do tune into these, there’s plenty to provoke thought and appreciate, and this helps make a project like Together Forever Alone all the more rewarding with each revisit.

A truly stunning album, far more than something simply requiring a write-up from me – a moving experience, which has been a genuine pleasure to escape into and let play at volume over the past couple of days. Hideotronic is a masterful artist and one whom we’re lucky to have gracing our indie world and indeed our generation. Highly recommended.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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